Volunteer as a Greenlight Movement Mentor and help a young person learn to drive and achieve their goals.

The Greenlight Movement Movement is a reduced fee, learn to drive mentor program that offers supervised driver training for disadvantaged young people in the Fairfield area. Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds often don‘t have access to the support they need to gain the 120 hours of on-road driving experience required to sit the NSW Provisional Licence test (P’s).

Greenlight Movement works by pairing young people up with a volunteer from the community, who supervise their on road hours in our Greenlight Movement car.  The program provides disadvantaged young people with:

1)   A lifelong skill.
2)   An improved chance of finding meaningful employment. 
3)   An opportunity to connect with a positive adult role model from their community.
4)   An increased young people’s level of self-confidence and sense of independence. 

Volunteers are provided with ongoing interactive training workshops and supported in their role by the Greenlight Movement Coordinator.

Can I be a Greenlight Movement Mentor?

If you meet the below criteria you could become a volunteer mentor with Greenlight Movement!

•    Are you interested in mentoring a disadvantaged young person?
•    Do you have a positive attitude and want to give back to your community?
•    Do you have a full driving licence (not provisional)
•    Are you aged over 25 years old?
•    Can you spare 2 hours a week to help a young person reach their goal?

Steps to becoming a mentor:

•    If you are interested in becoming a mentor with Greenlight Movement call or email the Greenlight Movement Coordinator today and ask for an application form.

•    Complete and submit an application form (a Working With Children Check and a Driving Record Check will be required later).

•    The Greenlight Movement Coordinator will call you to arrange an interview and explain the program in more detail

•    After your interview, the Greenlight Movement Coordinator will pair you with a mentee and provide training on the progam and the vehicle.

•    Decide on a regular weekly 2 hour session time that suits both you and your mentee and the vehicle will be booked for this regular time.

•    Supervise your mentee once a week for 2 hours in the Greenlight Movement vehicle.

Ph: 02 9331 2691 
[email protected]